What is AgraScout?

AgraScout is not another tool you have to manage, it's not software only one guy or gal on staff knows how to use, it's not an excuse to get company iPads, and it's not just another scouting app.

AgraScout is a sales tool.

You have a relationship with your customer but you're constantly battling competitors for the touchpoints that bring the most value. With AgraScout, you can not only let the customer know you walked his fields, but you can give a recommedation, print a report, or send picture of field progress.

AgraScout is a management tool.

What's more powerful than knowing exactly when a specific pest reaches your territory? How about knowing when that pest is at peak? AgraScout gives you that ability, use it however you want: alert your customers, allocate products, or move scouts to where the problem is headed.

AgraScout increases efficiency

Spring is crazy, we know. So we built a new feature to help you scout faster. Fields Nearby uses your location to map all your fields around you, color coded by crop. Clicking a field gives you a range of options: jump right in and scout, mark the field as clean and send off a report, or view all the recent findings for that field.