AgraScout is now available at no cost to University students, professors, and extension agents

By The Neucadia Team

Posted October 20, 2014

AgraScout, a fast and easy-to-use mobile crop scouting app, is now available at no cost to University students, professors, and extension agents.

AgraScout offers a number of powerful features like pest tracking, unlimited photo sharing, a live feed of recent scouting activity, and pest reporting for two dozen crop types and over 250 unique pests.

“The decision to give our software away was easy” Jamison Sheppard, Director of Design and Development said. “Educators are given the tremendous responsibility of addressing the agricultural issues facing our world and they need the proper tools to carry out their mission. We believe AgraScout will help them.”

AgraScout is a new approach to crop scouting and pest monitoring. It gives agronomists and growers immediate notification of potential issues while also eliminating the hassle of hand-written reports. All pest data is anonymized and mapped to show the intensity and spread of disease, insects, and weeds.

“We believe in Integrated Pest Management as a practical solution to solving pest problems and reducing impact to both the environment and people” Mr. Sheppard said. “Together with educators and students, we can preserve the ecosystem while sustainably and economically producing the world's food supply.”

Professors, students, and extension agents interested in signing up for AgraScout, please contact with the following information: name, address, phone number, title, and university affiliation.

About AgraScout

Since its launch in 2013, AgraScout has grown nationwide and is being used by a diverse group of ag professionals. AgraScout is a mobile app that uses open source technology to make the reporting and monitoring of pest information easy and intuitive.

AgraScout was developed by Neucadia, a systems development group specializing in agricultural solutions with offices in Michigan and Arizona.

About us

AgraScout is a mobile crop scouting application designed for retailers that enables seamless, simultaneous communication between scouts, agronomists, and growers. Neucadia, the team of agronomists, systems analysts, and crop scouts behind AgraScout understood both the importance of scouting and the difficulty in passing on timely information found in the field. Neucadia built AgraScout because they wanted an easier, quicker way to communicate field information. AgraScout was designed to close the gap between what the scout sees and what the grower knows so whatever your role, you can make intelligent decisions about your business.