How to: Make an agronomic recommendation and send it to the grower

By The Neucadia Team

Posted September 5, 2014

Watch above to see how to attach a recommendation to a scouting report.

This is how to attach a recommendation to a scouting report in AgraScout.

If you would like to see a more in depth tutorial of product recommendations or sending scouting reports, please email

About us

AgraScout is a mobile crop scouting application designed for retailers that enables seamless, simultaneous communication between scouts, agronomists, and growers. Neucadia, the team of agronomists, systems analysts, and crop scouts behind AgraScout understood both the importance of scouting and the difficulty in passing on timely information found in the field. Neucadia built AgraScout because they wanted an easier, quicker way to communicate field information. AgraScout was designed to close the gap between what the scout sees and what the grower knows so whatever your role, you can make intelligent decisions about your business.