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AgraScout is a fast and easy to use crop scouting system.

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Easy scouting

Cover more acres in less time

AgraScout transforms the traditional scouting method into an efficient process so you can cover more acres in less time.

Fast sharing

Create instant touchpoints with the grower

Send reports direct to the grower just seconds after leaving the field for an instant touchpoint.

Product recommendations

Protect every acre with product recommendations

Attach products and comments to scouting reports so the grower knows exactly what should be done to protect yield.

Manage effectively

React to the stream of incoming reports

Identify issues and potential problems and get them taken care of quickly with AgraScout's Recent Activity.

See the whole picture

Make decisons based on what's coming

Trav View is a management tool that maps all the pests found in the United States. See what your neighbors are finding and allocate product, alert customers, or move scouts.

In the cloud, in your pocket

Use your phone, tablet, computer – or all 3

AgraScout syncs across all your devices and works in the browser as well as natively for iOS and Android.

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Hear what our customers say about AgraScout

Anyone who is managing multiple growers and scouts will really benefit from AgraScout. The ability to get reports rapidly to the grower so decisions can be made real time is crucial and AgraScout allows that to happen.
Brian M., 1st Choice Seeds
AgraScout has been a great tool to help us increase scouting efficiency and keep us connected with our customers in the peak of the growing season.
Shannon H., Agronomist

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About us

AgraScout was created by a team of agronomists, systems analysts, and crop scouts. We understood both the importance of scouting and the difficulty in passing on timely information found in the field. We wanted an easier, quicker way to communicate field information; so, we built one. AgraScout was designed to close the gap between what the scout sees and what the grower knows so whatever your role, you can make intelligent decisions about your business.

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